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Things to do

Experience the wonder of the hill country of Sri Lanka during your stay. Once you are in Kandy, the last kingdom of the Sri Lankan kings, you are sure to fill your itinerary with exhilarating things to do. 

    • The Golden Crown - Kandy Lake


      Distance 2.6 km, 12 mins walking distance

    • The Golden Crown - Temple of the Tooth


      Distance 2.9 km, 36 mins walking distance

    • The Golden Crown - Udawatte Forest Reserve


      Distance 4.1 km, 57 mins walking distance

    • The Golden Crown - Botanical Garden
    • The Golden Crown - Ceylon Tea
    • The Golden Crown - Giragama Tea Plantation
    • The Golden Crown - Degaldoruwa Temple
    • The Golden Crown - Lankathilaka Temple
    • The Golden Crown - Victoria
    • The Golden Crown - Embekke Temple
    • The Golden Crown - Bahirawakanda
    • The Golden Crown - Dabulla
    • The Golden Crown - Pinnawala
    • The Golden Crown - Gadaladeniya
    • The Golden Crown - Hanthana
    • The Golden Crown - Sigiriya
    • The Golden Crown - Kandy Lake


      Distance 2.6 km, 12 mins walking distance

    • The Golden Crown Hotel - Temple of the Tooth

      Temple of the Tooth

      The striking sight of the Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Tooth Relic across the Kandy Lake is awe-inspiring. In August, the “Esala Perahera” is a colourful cultural pageant held in reverence of the Tooth Relic.

    • The Golden Crown Hotel  - Kandy lake

      Kandy Lake

      Known as the “Kiri Muhuda” (Sea of Milk), the Kandy Lake would touch the heart of nature lovers, as it serenely sits at the heart of the city. While walking around the lake, you can spot the fish who have made the lake their home.

    • The Golden Crown Hotel - Peradeniya Botanical Garden

      Peradeniya Botanical Garden

      AVisitors to the Peradeniya Botanical Garden can immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature. Spanning almost 150 acres, it is historically said to be a garden maintained for the royal family of Sri Lanka.

    • The Golden Crown Hotel - Udawattakele Forest Reserve

      Udawattakele Forest Reserve

      Formerly a royal forest safeguarded by the Sri Lankan kings, the Udawattakele Forest Reserve can be seen as it spreads over the landscape beyond the Temple of the Tooth Relic.

    • The Golden Crown Hotel - Giragama Tea Plantation

      Giragama Tea Plantation

      The Giragama Tea Plantation dates back centuries. Visitors can observe the processing facility and become more familiar with the types of teas and how the grading takes place.

    • The Golden Crown Hotel - Degaldoruwa Temple

      Degaldoruwa Temple

      The Degaldoruwa Temple is a cave temple that features beautiful Kandyan era cave paintings. The paintings are attributed to four artists who have painted four “Jathaka Katha” (Stories from the previous incarnations of the Buddha).

    • The Golden Crown Hotel - Lankatilaka Temple

      Lankatilaka Temple

      Perched atop the Pahangala Rock, Lankatilaka Temple is a gleaming white structure built in the 14th century. Within the premises, visited can read the biggest stone sculpture written in Sinhala and Tamil in Sri Lanka.

    • The Golden Crown Hotel - Victoria Golf Course

      Victoria Golf Course

      Visitors can tee off at the beautiful Victoria Golf Course located on the outskirts of Kandy near the Victoria Reservoir while in the hill country. It is an amazing venue to indulge in a game of golf amidst beautiful environs.

    • The Golden Crown Hotel - Embekke Devalaya

      Embekke Devalaya

      The Devalaya has a total of 514 carvings on 32 wooden columns. Visitors can discover numerous figures of humans, animals mythical figures as well as flowers on the 128 panels on the columns.

    • The Golden Crown Hotel -Bahirawakanda Temple

      Bahirawakanda Temple

      Known as the Sri Maha Bodhi Maha Viharaya is camouflaged amidst the lush greenery, and a statue of a seated Buddha rise to the sky and can be seen from various points in the city.

    • The Golden Crown Hotel -Dambulla Cave Temple

      Dambulla Cave Temple

      Recognized as the biggest and best-preserved complex of Buddha images in South Asia, the Dambulla Cave Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    • The Golden Crown Hotel -Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

      Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

      At the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, visitors can observe the grace and power of the gentle giants. Established in 1972, it is home to elephants that come from all over the island.

    • The Golden Crown Hotel -Gadaladeniya Temple

      Gadaladeniya Temple

      The temple is influenced by Hindu architecture and combines elements from both Buddhist and Hindu temples. The stones for the image house are said to have been brought from nearby Deniya, hence giving rise to the temple’s name.

    • The Golden Crown Hotel -Hanthana Tea Plantation

      Hanthana Tea Plantation

      The trails that wind through the Hanthana Tea Plantation will give a chance to speak with the pluckers and to learn more about the art of plucking tea.

    • The Golden Crown Hotel - Sigiriya


      The rock citadel of King Kasyapa (477-495AD), Sigiriya is a feat of architecture and engineering. The World Heritage Site can stun the visitor with its beauty but also with the intricacy of the technology behind the complex.